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Translating your content into English




Translation of content from English into Spanish (LATAM) and from Spanish into English.





Service aimed at companies, institutes, professionals, and individuals who require professional linguistic assistance in order to achieve a fluent and accurate communication with users, clients, suppliers, or colleagues, either verbally or in written.

Revision of texts in terms of grammar, syntax, style, etc.


We offer a wide range of English courses for individuals or small groups.





I started my studies at the Center of Studies of the English School, where I graduated as a Teacher of English as a Second Language, and I got my three TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) certificates and a Diploma in Teaching Young Learners and Teenagers from the University of Cambridge.


Some years later, I specialized by doing a Teaching Business English course, and I started teaching at a corporate level. 


I have been teaching English to a wide variety of students for more than ten years. My classes are characterized for being dynamic, personalized according to students' needs and preferences, and for having a communicative approach. 


As a Translator, my university studies were oriented towards the study and translation of legal documents.

Nevertheless, I've always been more inclined to the area of audiovisual translation, that is why I am currently attending courses to get a Diploma in Audiovisual Translation from the University of Technology of Argentina. 

Elisa Ksiazenicki

Sworn Translator

English      Spanish

ESL Teacher

I believe that one of the most important aspects of my job is that it connects cultures at every level. My key professional values include effective communication with clients and long-term collaboration with colleagues. 

Areas of expertise: audiovisual content, education, wellness, and law.

If you think I can help you out or that my profile fits your pool of language professionals, please feel free to contact me!



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Alejandra, CIER

It was great to work with this kind of professional.

Thank you!

Soledad, PRONTO

Elisa is an excellent professional. I would certainly request her services again or recommend her.


I would recommend Elisa for the translation of academic papers.



Elisa Ksiazenicki

Sworn Translator

English      Spanish

ESL Teacher


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